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Author of
Anti-Factory Farm
Shopping Guide

This comprehensive video series and book is meant for anyone who is interested in transitioning from factory-farmed food to organic and hopefully, one day, biodynamic – but at the same time feels confused by all the labels, and even whether organic food is any better than factory-farmed food.

To enhance learning and make it all as simple as possible, this book comes with free video instructions and other extended learning materials, accessible via website link when proof of receipt is emailed.

My intention is for you to spend less time reading and more time taking action.

Author of
Laws of Aesthetics

The greatest advantage of "Laws of Aesthetics" is that the book and video series go beyond the mere physical level and also addresses the psychological and environmental factors that contribute to and often determine your ability to achieve fat loss and perfect abs.

From fat loss secrets to ideal fat loss nutrition, workout, and supplement programs, "Laws of Aesthetics" puts it all together for you in an easy and entertaining read.

You'll be provided with a step-by-step outline of exactly what you need to do to drop as much body fat as necessary and attain the best-looking abs and body possible.

This book comes with a videos series to help facilitate learning.

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